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Tensegrity experimental chairs designed by Konstantin Achkov presented at Venice DesignBiennial 2021

At the Venice Design Biennial 2021 which is held together with the Venice Architectural Biennial, two of the tree new tensegrity chairs by the designer and sculptor Konstantin Achkov were selected for participation.

Designed by Konstantin Achkov

This project aims to incorporate tensegrity elements in chair structures to contribute to the ergonomics in a new innovative way. Tensegrity elements ensure that the chair responds in the best possible way to the weight and the reaction of the person seating. Konstantin Achkov aims to develop further this project into a complete scientific research to be used in furniture ergonomics. The chairs developed in this project are named “Vector-1”, “O-tense” and “Z- tense” to be the first prototypes of a further developed furniture families.

Some of the elements, of the selected for the Biennial “Vector-1” chair, are stainless steel laminated which makes them look elusive and intangible under certain angle. From the other hand this emphasizes on the importance of the construction. The idea is to have a classical chair construction, where the rear legs are removed thus making it look impossible. The “V” element

which supports the chair is attached by tense ropes network. The seating springs under the weights of the person using the chair thus ensuring a new kind of ergonomic comfort.

The “Z-tense” chair is a tribute to the classic Z chair by Gerrit Ritweld, where the diagonal in the

construction is cut off to achieve an optical illusion for levitation. The provided comfort resembles a

swinging chair and provides an unique user experience.


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