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Tanzo Space Design, Wang Daquan:LES MORILLES French Restaurant

Les Morilles, hiding in the office building by the Liangma River in Beijing, is an old French restaurant slightly larger than a living room, mainly dealing in authentic Paris cuisine. It has been awarded as the Michelin Dining Plate Restaurant for two consecutive years, is just like its location: low profile and good reputation.


Photographer: Ricky / UK Studio

The result of Romanticism, then, is liberalism, toleration, decency and the appreciation of the imperfections of life; some degree of increased rational self-understanding. 

- Philosopher Isaiah Berlin

The three young founders, including the chef, studied management and cooking in Switzerland and France, also hold an excellent taste of oriental aesthetics. In 2022, this French restaurant, which initially only wanted to build a gathering place for friends, will be upgraded. From the brand logo to the internal space, designer Wang Daquan has completed the internal space design in nearly a year. In the calm reflection of the Liangma River in Beijing, this French restaurant belongs only to this city.

Beijing LES MORILLES Restaurant is located at Yansha Business District and the bank of Liangma River. It was selected as two-diamond Black Pearl restaurant on YELP in 2021, 2020 and 2019, and the "Michelin Dining Plate Restaurant" in 2021 and 2020.

While combining traditional and new French cooking techniques, the restaurant creates dishes with oriental ingredients and spices. It also has strict requirements for each kind of ingredient, and each dish is carefully created by an experienced team of chefs with overseas background to properly care for customers' thirst for delicious food.


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