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Tanjun lighting collection, Tomasz Kudelski & Kaito Yamada

The Tanjun collection has been created by the Polish designer Tomasz Kudelski and the Japanese artist/designer Kaito Yamada. This unusual collaboration has resulted in a collection of lighting that draws inspiration from Japanese culture while maintaining the aesthetics of the contemporary, minimalist design.

Designed by Tomasz Kudelski / Kaito Yamada

Photographed by The Belarusian artist: Katarina Rulinskaya.

Client: Moon Moth

Each project owes its inspiration to geometry, which becomes materialized in the form of a unique composition of wooden blocks and thin metal rods. This geometric origin remains subtle and elegant. Only a skilled eye will discover the Star of David in the complex design of the Constellation ceiling lamp or spot the rotation of equilateral triangles in the Yuka floor lamp. The collection designers call it a hidden harmony, believing that it imperceptibly affects the reception of the projects.

Such a puzzle-like design requires a high precision of all components. Both wooden blocks and metal parts are carefully crafted by family-owned, local producers with a multi-generational tradition. Glass shades are mouth-blown in the Łużyce glassworks, of which history dates back to 1872. They are made of three-