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Ta-Kumi restaurant by Paco Lago Interioriza

Despite its successful path and recognised reputation, the interior design of Ta-Kumi was not in accordance with what its stoves were cooking. We put creativity to serve the geometry and nature, designing new spaces. The former terrace is now totally integrated in the restaurant, where the current wood structures have been modified, the stone, and the direct & indirect lighting allows to play with the atmosphere. The execution schedule and the enclosed budget were key for the optimal

progress of this project.

As if it was a sharp knife which the Japanese cookers worship standing in front of the stoves, respectful with the ancient ritual,

the interior design of Ta-Kumi blends greyish wood, present in handles, sheets and stones.

Fine wood and legendary inscriptions in native Japanese, trigger a complete customer journey inside Ta-Kumi. An experience more than gastronomic, the one that have already made them won the reputation in the top-10 Japanese restaurants in Spain.


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