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Suning Zhongshan Golf Resort, Nanjingby CCD

Hidden in Zhongshan, Shining in Jinling

Nanjing, also known as "Jinling", used to be the capital of six dynasties in ancient China. Every lane, brick or tile here may carry the marks of the past royal palace and indicate the city's profound history and culture.

Photographed by Cheng Chung Design (HK) / Suning Zhongshan Golf Resort, Nanjing

Speaking of Jinling, Zhongshan Mountain(named "Purple Mountain" as well)always comes to mind. The mountain, which is often surrounded by mist, is aniconic natural and cultural destination in Jinling City.

Located at the foot of the picturesque Purple Mountain, Suning Zhongshan Golf Resort is surrounded by beautiful landscapes, including the 600-meter-longShixiang Road in Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum and a 460-year-old ginkgo tree.

Glory for Ten Years Now

The golf course surrounding the resort was built by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China in 1929. As China’s first golf course, it used to serve as a key diplomatic platform for negotiations between Chinese and Western politicians in the 1930s, where Soong Mei-ling, Zhang Xueliang and George Catlett Marshall played golf

Based on such contexts, the former Sofitel Zhongshan Golf Resort was turned into Suning Zhongshan Golf Resort, showing a gorgeous transformation for ten years now. For this project, CCD perfectly linked the past and the future, and continued the romantic charm of the ancient capital through brand new design languages.

Lobby & lobby bar

Along the way from Huanling Road to the hotel, the glittering branches and leaves of Chinese parasol trees sway in the breeze, carrying the memory and romance of the Chiang.

As guests stepping into the hotel and pushing the copper door with a customized S-shaped handle, gorgeous and exquisite suspended lamps come into view. The black veneers with wood grain, the golden ceiling and the custom-made stone floor patterns echo with each other. The subtle fusion of black and golden hues reflects the prosperity and ancient charm of the city.

The unique octagonal reception area draws inspiration from the most characteristic graphic element “octagon” during the period of the Republic of China, creating a dialogue with the past.

Metal lines vary in an aesthetic and elegant manner throughout the space, bringing in eternal classical aesthetics.

All-day-dining restaurant

A passage highlighted by four full-height blue screens leads to the all-day-dining restaurant, in which the orderly aisles are flanked by wall lamps, appearing as ancient streets in Nanjing. Moreover, the wooden materials, colors and green plants enliven the entire dining environment

Chinese restaurant

The Chinese restaurant is full of a magnificent and sedate ambience. The exquisite screens create a sense of layering and ritual for the dining environment, and generate a Chinese-style orderly aesthetic. The restaurant draws on the tones of local cyan glazed tiles, and is highlighted by royal blue, producing a noble and graceful oriental charm. The furniture is covered by Chinese red hue, and the aisle walls are decorated with copper works, blending oriental art with western aesthetics and expressing European-style fashion.

Guest rooms

The seat and umbrella storage box at the entrance of each room make guests feel at home. The rooms continue the match of black wood grain and golden details of the lobby, featuring nobility and elegance. The white-painted panels, the furniture with warm-toned linen fabric upholstery, and the dotted orange elements, together bring a comfortable and tranquil home-like spatial experience.

The bathroom door that can be flexibly opened and closed endows the space with a malleable quality. As opening the door and windows, guests can have a panoramic view of the outdoor golf course, a visual feast of the green landscape.


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