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Rio Grande do Sul, 2021 - Studio FAV - an office specialized in design and strategy for retail spaces - recently signed the project for the SAS store, a brand of medical and dental equipment, located in Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.

Designed by Studio FAV

Photographed by Debora Zandonai

The space has a mix of products on display and innovative technology that allows the customer to try and handle the pieces in full operation, promoting different experiences. Nationally, the showroom is the only brand at this level in the segment and the entire project was strategically designed with the aim of representing it in the best possible way.

On the store's façade, the reception area was positioned to also serve as a large showcase, generating an exclusive visitation of the products, as the showroom cannot be seen from the street.

The internal service and reception are camouflaged with the personalized design of the walls in shades of blue - the brand's color chart designed to convey sophistication and credibility - that direct the customer to the store or to the technical assistance area.

Inside, there is a luminous tunnel, which was designed to make an impact on whoever enters the showroom, aided by interactive screens that allow consumers to easily find information about the products on display.

The aesthetics of SAS - partner brand of industry leaders such as Schuster, Olsen and Cristofoli - was inspired by technological laboratories, which make evident the quality of technical assistance services with a showroom focused on experimentation. Thus, Studio FAV created a sales boost factor and full trust in the brand, important pillars of the FAV Method, which captures the authenticity of each business to physically promote it in an authorial, viable and attractive way.


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