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Rio Grande do Sul, 2021 - A beauty brand already experienced in online retail, IÚ Cosmetics was looking for a pilot project to validate a franchised model of its first physical store in Campo Bom (RS), and has invited Studio FAV, an architectural firm specializing in the personalization and intelligence of spaces of retail, to develop the concept and materialize the brand's history into a new space for sales and experiences.

Designed by Studio FAV

Photographed by Debora Zandonai

In all its projects, Studio FAV applies an internally developed method, which is based on the creation of authentic spaces, aligned with the purpose of each business, making it more attractive and profitable. For IÚ Cosmetics, a layout with a purposeful effect was developed to make the consumer part of all points of experience.

The proposal also had as an architectural aspect the creation of an easy-to-assemble, original and young store, with space for experiences with products in loco, in addition to highlighting the product's technological attributes, such as its composition, as it specializes in vegan cosmetics.

The layout with flow around the exhibition island was designed to favor fluidity in a secluded environment. Infinite mirrors and their reflective surfaces were also applied to reverberate the image of the person dressing the store with its nature, its beauty. To display the products, multifunctional props were created, designed to accommodate the prominent items on the shelves, also highlighting the skincare products.

A space dedicated to moments of relaxation was created, and gained an atmosphere of self-care where textured materials such as stones and plants were used in the finishes, with graphic applications with the brand's message on canvas and on the walls. On the second floor, the meeting room was arranged, with a curved partition solution that creates scenarios for photos, and with a personalized light that indicates when the team is on the agenda.

Designed from the outset for tropicalization and facilitation of the franchise rollout - adapting other models of physical implementation - the cosmetics were strategically placed on the shelves with Visual Merchandising techniques and with a versatile visual communication to facilitate the dynamics of campaign exchanges.


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