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The design of this beauty salon in Florida (USA), designed by Studio 58, led by the architects Barbara Kleppe and Simone Andrade, sought to meet an extensive program and service needs with exclusively Brazilian beauty techniques in Orlando City.

Designed by Studio 58

Photographed by Luiz Covo

The customers, mostly Brazilian businesspeople who live in the city, bet on a salon with the same services available in Brazil to attract these public who lives in Orlando. With 1280 sq ft aprox. and extensive needs, the biggest challenge was to leave the space with the ideal circulation for daily use.

The space is divided between reception, waiting room, washbasin areas, hairdressing stations, bride's room, hair removal room, barber space, kitchen, and bathroom.At the reception, lighter wood tones were combined with a slatted white wood ‘jum’. Some niches were used as exhibits for the best products sold at the show. The slat gave privacy to space and allowed the external light to enter the environment.

It was also thought to have instagramable spaces. A wing was created by a Russian artist, who ended up becoming an icon of the Hair Salon. The choice of lighter wood in this environment kept it more harmonious and brighter for customers to make their records.For men, a special barbershop has been designed, a space where the professionals serve only male cuts. The purpose was to provide a comfortable environment and to make customers feel at ease.The bathroom gained colorful elements with a mixture of dark wood tones and a wide mirror from end to end.

With the decoration, one of the first elements that the client would like to use were two crystal chandeliers that she had purchased. From this, the style of the salon was developed, as a mixture between classic and contemporary elements. The crystal chandelier brought a sophisticatedlook at the salon, combined with the use of boiseriesand gold finishes. Another request was for the space to provide a feminine and elegant atmosphere, and to make the salon an object of customers' desire.

The lavatory space could not receive the plumbing on the existing floor level so a 4 inches platform was created and all the necessary structures were built in. In the end, the result couldn't have been better: the platform became a structure that made the room even more interesting.


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