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Located in the Encore Club Resort, one of the best vacation home neighborhood in Florida (United States), a couple from Pennsylvania asked Studio 58, led by Brazilian architects Barbara Kleppe and Simone Andrade, for a house project that could be a real haven for Orlando vacation, whether for hosting your own family or as an investment for vacation rentals.

Designed by Studio 58

Photographed by Luiz Covo

The project also had the premise of being comfortable for long vacations, besides pleasing tourists from all over the world. Within this purpose, the challenge was to deliver a differentiated house - since many times as houses are rented by photos - it is necessary, mainly, to enchant at a distance.

With six rooms, two were designed to be themed - a fever among Orlando visitors. Another request was for two other rooms to have the theme 'cities', have been chosen Paris and San Francisco, while the remaining rooms followed a more clean, elegant, and relaxing aesthetic.

Among the materials, the architects bet on a mix of colors and textures and on the combination of custom made and ready-made solutions. "We like the feature of wood slats, which offers countless combinations and applications. With a practical solution, we can take volumetry into spaces." explains Babi Kleppe.

The Game Room, a space that is always in demand, fulfilled a dual function: in addition to being an entertainment area, it was also designed to be used as a garage during the hurricane season in the city. Another entertainment trend in Orlando is karaoke. Thinking about it, the architects took advantage of the garage space to create a space that family and friends, where they could laugh and let out their voices, in addition to playing arcade, basketball, fossball and video games.


In the Star Wars room, a backlit panel was created to give the feeling of entering a spaceship and embarking on an upcoming adventure with your favorite character.

In the Harry Potter room, the idea was to recreate the diagonal alley and, again, make the user experience total immersion in the created universe.

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