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This duplex is tucked away in nature. It was imperative to not overwhelm the visitor with an abundance of the design elements after a long drive from the city through the green landscapes. Furthermore, to be able to have an unobstructed view of the verdant surroundings the apartment has glass walls on the opposite ends. To emphasize this characteristic, the top floor living room and kitchen blend into each other without a partition between them.

Designed by STIPFOLD

Concrete is the prominent element of the interior. Its aloofness is balanced with furniture, and soft tones and textiles. The custom shelves latch on the walls throughout the interior. These angular shelves also crawl along the stairs and incorporate the plants. Several walls feature graffiti.

The first floor is allocated to the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Here, the floors are entirely covered with carpet. In the master bedroom, the wardrobe is secluded behind the dim glass wall.


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