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São Paulo, 2022 - Based in Santa Catarina Building, on Paulista Avenue, in São Paulo, the architecture project of the new Schneider Pugliese office has its architecture by Starq Arquitetos. The project was developed for the floor where the law office was already based, but, after a consultancy with ST ARQ Associated Architects, the office ended up moving to where it's based today, in the Santa Catarina Building.


Designer: Starq Arquitetos

Photographer: Juca Lopes

After the consultancy with Starq Arquitetos, the Schneider Pugliese came up with the idea of a 4.0 office. The architecture took everything it could from the existing property to create spaces that are different from the “common”, as you’d usually see in a law firm. The first solution adopted was to implement open sky areas and a big café as the central point - both with great luminosity and light.

Spaces were also open for mingling, bringing partners and staff members closer together, and the main strategies sought to take ambience and spatial part, besides bringing the identity of a 4.0 office and all its nuances. The program also covers bleachers, landscaping and a dry garden made of rocks to be able to fully make use of the space without creating large maintenance costs.

Since this is a traditional law firm, the architecture brought to the project the famous library as the main attraction of the decoration, which confers an elegant feel to the office.

The great challenge, as told by the architects, was the building air conditioner system - a cold ceiling system, but with the intention of not increasing the reformations cost, this was used in architecture’s favor, placing the system as part of the building.

The balcony was challenging since its use couldn’t surpass the building guardrail’s height.


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