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SND Taikoo Li Qiantan conceived by Various Associates is inspired by remaining ancient temples

For Various Associates, spatial aesthetics is more than about a pretty appearance. The design practice believes that good design needs to not only support the operation of space and convey emotions and brand charater, but also take root in cities and influence local culture.


Client: SND

Designer: Various Associates

Photographer: BOI

Various Associates designed a new boutique store for pioneering multi-brand fashion supplier SND in Taikoo Li Qiantan. In spite of the limited spatial scale, the store shows a unique identity and erects stately in one of the most prosperous shopping destination in Shanghai. It conveys the brand's independent attitude of not going with the flow and not being defined by common standards.

Occupying about 136 square meters, the site is cramped for a boutique fashion store that introduces products from several hundreds of brands. The ceiling height of the original space was relatively favorable. The store needs to be open to the shopping center inside and the windows facing the