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SND Sanya designed by Various Associates creates a spatial experience of moving in waves

Sunshine, sea waves, light

Sanya on Hainan Island is known as a vacation paradise in China. World-renowned hotel brand EDITION opened a premise here, which has become one of the most popular high-end fashion hotels in Sanya. Multi-brand fashion supplier SND set a new concept store in the hotel.

Photographed by SFAP

Hainan is the birthplace of surfing in China. Dadonghai Scenic Area in Sanya enjoys a moderate temperature. Its sea waves are as high as 2m to 3m in ordinary times, which are attractive to surfers and perfectly suitable for beginners. Many foreigners compare Sanya to Wakiki.

Sanya EDITION Hotel invited Various Associates to conceive a new and upgraded commercial space. The design scope mainly includes public commercial area, new circulation route, art gallery, art shop, bookstore and cafe, etc.

A newly built staircase enhances the interaction between the ground floor and the first floor, with its pure form echoing the art gallery.

"The overall project integrates the design from the outside to the inside, with a strong sense of unity. When conceiving the newly added commercial area, we tried to incorporate inclusiveness to harmonize the hotel, the commercial space and tenants, without breaking the original design style of the hotel while highlighting the personality of the commercial area and brand stores", Various Associates explained.

SND Sanya is one of the brand stores in the hotel's new commercial space. Inspired by the local surfing culture, Various Associates adopted "waves" as the design concept. With layered wave-like structures and consideration of functional demands, a distinctive circulation route is formed.


Huge waves

The long accessory display stand that spans more than 15 meters and the waves-themed structures separate the space into several display zones. Combining openness and privacy, those areas can accommodate different customers and enable them to enjoy shopping in a comfortable environment.

The entrance area consists of a front desk and an area for clothes packaging, so that customers can be provided with timely services as entering and leaving the store.

The ultra-long counter combines the function for accessories display and payment services. It's convenient for consumers to pick commodities at a glance.



The pure, clean spatial blocks and the structures' staggered heights create a unique experience for customers as if they're travelling through surging waves, and meanwhile block the dazzling daylight to enhance garments display.

The walls are inclined to different degrees to form various fun enclosed areas.

The lofty structures effectively block the strong daylight, and ensure visual comfort.

The functional "waves" at different heights, the circulation loop that runs through "waves", and the interaction among products, all add fun and enhance experiences in the pure, pleasant space.


Under the sea waves

The suspended ceiling is a combination of light membrane and bespoke ultra-thin metal grille, which produces soft, bright and even lighting effects as if sunshine passes through the sea, thereby adding a sense of vitality, freedom and layering to the sedate, ritual space.

The elaborately-designed lighting effects make the space more bright and comfortable, and highlight the spatial layers as well.

Purity, comfort and brightness are key motifs of the design. The design team hoped to convey the relaxing feeling of the city in the space.

"When playing in waves, you may find treasures under the sea. Many people may wash them and bring them back to home, and these turn into souvenirs of the journey", said Various Associates. "This resonates with the design concept of SND sanya. Many 'treasures' are waiting to be discovered in the 'huge waves'. I hope customers can find and buy their favourites in the spatial journey."



In this space, everything is expected to be 'lightweight', so that customers can only feel the space, garments and themselves when moving in it.

The clothes rails, lamp boards and mirrors are suspended or floating in the air. All details reveal a coherent logic, giving the space an exquisite touch and a sense of layering.

Through waves-themed design, Various Associate hoped to convey the ideas of comfort, relaxation, freedom, purity and attention to inner self.

The project leverages minimalist design languages to meet the requirements for spatial functions, circulation route and structures. Starting from the space itself and based on full consideration into brand culture, local context and spatial characteristics, Various Associates turned SND's brand space into a medium that connects the inside and outside, which brings new possibilities to retail stores. Various Associates takes cues from multiple dimensions and integrates diversified elements while approaching every project, with a view break with conventions and explore new possibilities.


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