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SND Chongqing WFC conceived by Various Associates creates a fashion show


The spatial aesthetics of the same brand is expressed in a differentiated way.

Various Associates designed another new concept store for the pioneering multi-brand fashion supplier SND. As a promoter of new shopping concept, SND takes an independent road off the beaten track, rather than going with the flow. Its brick-and-mortar stores bring avant-garde design that is not defined by common standards, showcase clothes in an artistic manner, and inject fresh vitality into the retail sector.

Designed by Various Associates

Photographed by URVIRSION CO. / Zheng Fang, Tang Cao


Fashion show under a viaduct

The traffic above viaducts embodies the fast pace of the city,

while the art of local life is reflected underneath.

The new premise of SND is situated in the World Financial Center, the most prosperous commercial hub in Chongqing. As the city is built on mountains, it had been nicknamed a "mountain city". The complex transportation system and undulating topography endow this city with a unique charm. Viaduct plays an indispensible role in locals' lives, which not only drives economic development and facilitates connection across areas, but also enhances the efficient utilization of vertical space.