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Suzhou, known as Gusu, has a history of more than 2,000 years. It's a city with abundant resources and an inclusive character. Gorgeous ancient mansions and gardens show the magnificence of the city, and the Jiangnan water town landscapes endows it with a restraining character as well.

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Photographed by Threeimages

Lumu is a gem in the center of old Suzhou, adjacent to the millennia-old Qimen Street. Lumu is so named as it's the place where the tomb (pronounced as "mu" in Chinese) of Lu Zhi - a prime minister of Tang Dynasty is set. In ancient times, it was a prosperous town that gathered the nobility, intellectuals and merchants, and was also known for imperial brick kilns and Kesi techniques for silk tapestries. The traditional craftsmanship and profound cultural context have shaped Lumu's distinctive Oriental aesthetics.