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Sky & Tree Sales Center, Greenland HK by CHAMPARTE DESIGN

How to make the architecture get involved into the evolution of urban culture is the element that needs to be considered during creation. CHAMPARTE Design continues the modern style of architecture into interior which inherits the OUJIANG River tradition, grafted with Wenzhou regional culture, and uses the free curves to create a unique regional, artistic museum of urban space.




Focusing on the local culture and the elegant charm of OUJIANG culture, haloing the quietness of a shallow water in natural light to create an aesthetic space where art and life coexist. Through the extension elements such as flow, turning, curved surface, refraction and vortex, these elements are dismantled and integrated, combining practical function and aesthetics to build a modern and artistic Sales Center.

The light at the top is also designed as a curve, and the designer used very "elegant" colors in this part, with the help of texture and lighting, the overall space looks smooth and cozy.

The large art installation is the highlight of the case, with a layered curved ceiling, gradient blue chandeliers and the sand table reflecting and complementing each other. The butterfly-like lamps light up the whole lobby, and the overall space is languid and natural.


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