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SIPCAM Offices by Dobleese Space & Branding Architecture Studio

Let's take a break! Who said you can't rest at work? The expansion of the Sipcam Iberia offices in Valencia was born with the aim of offering its workers those moments of disconnection and relaxation during busy working days.

Photographed by Germán Cabo

We start from the complex challenge of making two functions coexist as opposed as work and leisure. Design a fluid space, where these two worlds coexist and be able to enjoy those breaks in a different way.

The main design resource is based on its corporate image, exploring all the possibilities that the brand offers. It seeks to unleash its full potential and like this give a formal response to the functional duality that the program presents. As a consequence, a project is born in which the combination of curved and dynamic shapes, added to an expanded color range, manages to transport the user to a new space where escape from the daily monotony.

Functionally, the harmonious coexistence between these spaces is achieved through a dynamic but controlled distribution. The plant has been divided into work areas with offices and two dining rooms that combine food service with spaces for leisure and relaxation. The connection between the current offices and the new extension is made in a fluid way through the aesthetic continuation of compartmentalisation, finishes and furniture. The continuous pavements in decorative mortar of different colors,serve as a visual union between the existing and new offices, and they are in charge of zoning the program.

Rigid visual barriers such as partitions are diluted by permeable wooden lattices. These bring the user to dining areas.The will to generate an aesthetic change that accompanies the functional one, enhances the premises of the project approach, a space where disconnect and relax. Colors, textures and materials are the main players in this fun place. A setting made up of food and recreation areas accompanied by a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

In the new Sipcam space, meeting in an informal way, enjoying a lunch break or simply having a coffee, become habits in which time stops to give away moments of disconnection.


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