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As Chinese traditional essay "Five Kingdoms" goes, there are five elements in the universe, water, fire, wood, metal and earth, the constituents of all living elements. This is Chinese philosophy, a 'let it be' attitude.


Client: Shang·Suo

Photographer: YANYU Architecture and Interior Photography

Brands and suppliers: HAOstyle (Copper Metal Furniture) / Yung Zing Tung (Copper Installation) / YULIN TIMBER (Whole Wood Customization)

Spring has the nature of wood, summer has the nature of metal, autumn has the nature of metal and winter has the nature of water. Four seasons bring on the four elements. The transitional period between summer and autumn brings on earth. The rotation of the four seasons bring on the morning, noon, evening and night.

This architecture piece locates near a lake with a soothing ambiance and an expanding view. The design incorporates five elements and four seasons philosophy, dabbed with ancient and modern art combination. With different color patterns and different seasonal feelings, we are presented with this new Chinese style architecture.


The living space design was inspired by traditional Chinese water painting. We captured the Chinese elements and utilized the modern material and colors of the western art. The main color is green from Amazon forest with other material elements as stone, glass tiles and copper.

Representing strength and agility, the building is surrounded by water, like floating in Eden. Nature and architecture grow seamlessly together. The sound of trees and leaves is whispering the beauty of the East.

Is it about cross and matrix, or a sense of ceremony? Delicacy can not be absent, let the details show with a clear and slow rhythm. The light moves with the shadow, waiting for a meeting with beauty. The use of the scales decoration is telling us that time will leave its mark when passing by.

The copper can be refined as varied states. Yung Zing Tung's coppery artworks and installations are representing strength with a touch of flow. The color turquoise brings the dark room a bit of flexible mood.

With the concept of "balance is the ultimate beauty of tranquilization, and pursuing longevity through a classic way", HAOstyle is new way of modern life that coincides with the design language of the overall space.

In the context of time aesthetics, the spiritual field of contemporary life is reconstructed with the eternal works that created by the durable copper.


Screen design was inspired by the movie shadow. The light and shadow were dealt with a sense of drama.

The designer made whole wood customized furniture with accurate and delicate craft for the owner to show the design perfectly.

The wooden rafters cross the purlins to build the scenery, so the view is from the interior to the outside until the lake to form a line. The concise and elegant scenery carries the classical and modern oriental elements in a fresh and quiet atmosphere. It is time to wander between the cracks of mottle and light, and enjoy the moment of tea tasting and listening the cicadas.

The Yun Long chair is inspired by the dragon pattern on the ancient bronzes and jade, meanwhile, the designer create a contemporary design of the traditional Chinese 'arm-chair' to create a classic among the classics. To make a balance between the regionality and internationality, symbolism and spirituality, and practicality and appreciation is necessary in design.

The beauty of red is easily to make you lost yourself in this mood, and amazed by the image of vast territory of the motherland. The red and gold take the full of enthusiasm to the life, and the green depicts the image of rivers and mountains. The sense of comfort and ritual touches the inner feeling of us among the light and dark colored images.


With mountain as the theme, we added in brass, metal and different stones colliding in the same space. Black and gold show all the fashion.

Screens and frescos, shadows and light create a mysterious space layer. The quintessential tone reflects the noble and elegance sense.


Looking for oriental charm in western contemporary art, we combine ink and water into sloping tiles of terraces, forming the inspiration of creative elements of space soul — stairs.

It is a question of using the stairs or climbing the cliff? No matter what, it is all about advancing to your own realm.

The principle of mixed substances are reflected by using wood, glass, brick and copper. Delicate hand carving shows the elegance. The final touch of the colors allows people of different interpretations owing to their own circumstances. Their inner peace was able to be retained.

Picturesque courtyard, charming yet elegant, a place to dwell on the country dreams for the urbanites. Through the scenery, corridor, elegant stones, display, the oriental garden takes the modern people to a poetic wonderland to unburden and enjoy.


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