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Shagal Restaurant by Bureau ARCHPOINT

The premium Shagal restaurant has opened inside the Mövenpick Moscow Taganskaya Hotel on Zemlyanoy Val street. The architects of the Archpoint bureau tried to reflect in the name and design of the restaurant the connection between Russia and Switzerland, the birthplace of the hotel chain.

Designed by Bureau ARCHPOINT

Photographed by Olga Melekestseva

The restaurant is named after the artist Marc Chagall, who repeatedly visited Switzerland and participated in exhibitions in local museums. The main reference to the artist's work is his painting "Over the Town", placed on the wall among the wooden panels and partially painted on the ceiling. The green and red colours in the painting echo the decoration: the furniture are mainly in malachite and burgundy colours. The contrasting palette, non-standard shapes, unusual materials – everything refers to the avant-garde art and dilutes the monochrome interior of the hotel.

Switzerland and Russia are also united by the similarity of nature. To reflect this idea the architects used natural materials in the decoration and custom-made furniture. The floors are made of wooden planks in an unusual curved shape which are laid diagonally. There are MDF panels on the walls. The carcasses of the chairs and the unique carved tables in the main dining area are also made of wood. Natural stone was used for the table in the lobby area. Switzerland is also reflected in a part of the milky-colored wall with a plaster pattern of a knit cozy Swiss sweater.

The restaurant organizes breakfasts for hotel guests, so the architects' task was to divide the space into several zones. Malachite sofas with high backs separate the main dining area for visitors from the area with long large tables for breakfasts.

For lighting and style accents the architects used Davide Groppi and Gubi lamps. They are different in each area of the restaurant and fit perfectly into the overall modern interior. The ceiling is made of copper-colored mesh covering the ventilation with small built-in lamps.

In the lobby area near the entrance there are two red sofas and four chairs of different shapes in beige and malachite colours. Between them the architects placed a custom-made natural stone table on low wooden legs. On the floor there is a red and white carpet with a floral and animal pattern. This area is perfect for relaxation chatting or reading a magazine.

In the design of the restaurant the architects of the bureau combined the admiration for work of the famous artist, the cultural codes of the two countries and modern trends. Luxury materials emphasize the premium level of the place, although it is neither excessive nor ostentatious. The restaurant menu corresponds with the design: everything is thought-out to the smallest detail. Here you can try artfully served dishes of traditional Russian and Swiss cuisine.


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