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Coordinated by Decor Social NGO, the action at the shelter, which houses 17 children and adolescents, brought together architects and artists to develop the renovation of the spaces, which were totally redesigned and adapted to new uses providing them better quality.

São Paulo, 2021 - When idealizing RUA 141, the architect and urban planner Mona Singal thought of setting up an office with an eye on social responsibility related to her professional performance. The one-for-one business model has been chosen to make the social projects possible. Partnerships with NGOs and institutions are essential for the feasibility of the projects.

This is the case of the renovation of Lar Batista, in Campo Limpo, São Paulo where 17 children and teenagers from 0 to 17 years old live. Invited by Decor Social NGO, creator and coordinator of the action, RUA 141 developed the general project for the renovation and the living area, a previously unhealthy space with poor lighting and without identity. Now it has become a healthy environment for children to play, watch TV, do school homework and read books.

"The place was in very bad conditions with many structural problems such as infiltrations, unsafe electrical installations, poor lighting", explains architect Mona Singal.

The project started by listening to the wishes and desires of the young residents. One of them, Emily, 7, made a drawing showing what she wanted in the living room - a simple request that was granted - "flowers on the walls, tables with chairs, a comfortable sofa and a rug".

To make it feasible, the architect had the support of 34 companies and suplliers that donated products and services - see the complete list at the end of the release. Furniture, wood work, rugs, books, educational toys and objects (some created by renowned Brazilian designers such as Regina Misk´s ottoman) brought identity, colors and new uses to the living room.

Artist Bruna Paschoarelli hand painted the walls bringing nature into the room embrancing the children in a big garden. The furniture was specified to suit the different age groups that would use the room, whereas the natural vegetation over the window brought the environment to life.

"The partnership of Rua 141, the suppliers and Decor Social NGO has been the most valuable connection. The high point of the project is to have been able to provide these children the same quality of environment we offer to our clients. Moreover, all the companies and suplliers envolved are aware of the real positive impact of each donation", reinforces Mona Singal.


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