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Rua 141 Arquitetura | Casa DF

Located in an upscale neighborhood in São Paulo city, the renovation and interior design project of “Casa DF”, in 2020, is signed by RUA 141 architecture office, partner Mona Singal, has brought “bossa” to the essence of the project using the Brazilian design, the natural textures of the materials and the tropical



Designer: Rua 141 Arquitetura / Mona Singal

Photographer: Maíra Acayaba

Done for a young single man, the original construction presented high points that were valorized in the essence of the renovation. Huge openings favoring the entrance of natural light, cross ventilation and large external areas embrace the house. In a 390sqm site, the 200sqm constructed area were divided into two floor plans.

Social uses were concentrated on the ground floor whereas the family area was on the first floor. The house accommodates a master suite, an office, a bedroom, a kitchen, a home theater, a living room, a lavatory, a garage, a gourmet area and service area.

The landscaping lines up the external areas with organic forms and tropical textures. The vegetation draws a fine line between the internal and external areas bringing the house to life. Overlooking the garden from inside the house, you have the impression of a live painting. The slim and hollow stairs promote the passage of natural light and enhance the vegetation.

The industrial atmosphere that goes through the rooms is also cozy.

The constrast of the steel rebar with the delicate natural straw in the living room shelf symbolizes this harmony.

The pieces of furniture by Brazilian designers reinforce the architectural style and the composition is the result of this striking identity.

The handmade process is present in almost all the pieces of furniture and objects. The richness of details is observed in the textures. The sculputure “Corrente”, by Regina Misk, in cotton and wood, is part of a composition with the armchairs “Stripes” by Prototype highlighting the knitting work. The faceted crystal in the light fixture “Sino” by Estudio Orth designs the light that goes through it.

The deep and careful choice of each piece and materials is part of the developing process of the project. The connection between different scales – architecture and interior design – become a sole narrative.


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