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Roxbury by Bureau ARCHPOINT

The fashionable territory of the Moscow Silk business district has become the new haven of the elite Roxbury men's club with its lavish parties and show ballet. Archpoint architects have breathed new life into the establishment, while preserving its special energetic atmosphere, which is so appreciated by regular customers.


Photographer: Olga Melekestseva

Right from the entrance guests get the vibes of luxury, gloss and pleasant carelessness. The overall style of the club is light classic, diluted with an abundance of art objects that add elements of pop art and irony. Bright furniture in the lobby and modern ceiling lamp are complemented by classical sculptures of Venus and paintings of artists. Sculptural parts of women's bodies protrude from the smooth white wall, inviting the guest to follow them.

The atmosphere of the main hall openly says that here you need to relax, have fun and enjoy the moment. In the center there is a large elongated stage with a mirrored ceiling. On the sides there are lamps resembling candelabra, in which instead of candles there are plexiglass tubes with RGB illumination.

In the hall the guests can comfortably sit on the upholstered furniture. The architects took care of the privacy of the guests, and the seats can be separated by heavy burgundy curtains. Some of the furniture elements migrated from the former clubhouse, and the architects used them intentionally: in the updated atmosphere guests can recognize the club they used to visit.

There are also many ironic details in the hall: a three-meter statue of Venus, a huge mirror in a gilded frame, antique heads of statues and a large crystal chandelier above the stage.

After enjoying the performance, guests can go either to the karaoke area with professional equipment or to the bar. The bar with a marble countertop and stucco molding on the facade looks cinematic, as if from the past, generating the desire to order another drink in it.

The dimmed lighting of the hall creates a private atmosphere. VIP rooms are provided for those who want more privacy. If desired, in the VIP rooms can be arranged a real spa evening with a Jacuzzi, soft furniture and delicious food. The rooms are separated from the hall by tinted glass: guests can watch what is happening on the stage, while remaining in seclusion and feeling relaxed.

Among the unique options of the club is the opportunity to enter it triumphantly by car. The own spacious garage at the club is separated from the main hall by velvet curtains and sliding glass gates.

The interior of the Roxbury Club daringly combined modernity with classics in the interior, balancing on the verge of exemplary luxury and ironic pop art. Catchy art objects, an abundance of shiny surfaces and complex textures, iridescent RGB light and bold design solutions support the atmosphere of pleasant festivity that takes place on stage and in the eyes of the guests.


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