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Rimadesio Showroom, Ningbo by OUTIN. DESIGN

Founded in 1956 in Brianza, Milan, Rimadesio is versed in Italian design philosophy. With over 60 years of development, the brand has been world-renowned for its craftsmanship spirits, environmental awareness and evolving productive technology, and has been continuously promoting the advancement and innovation of the furniture sector.



Photographer: Wen Studio

Based on the positioning, history and character of Rimadesio, OUTIN. DESIGN stimulated the band's infinite possibilities in a limited space. By breaking the boundary of perception, the design of this showroom achieved an extension across dimensions.

As a brand that produces systems for sub-dividing environments and for the architectural definition of interiors, Rimadesio blends essential Italian aesthetics and architectural concepts into its products. Its simplistic, luxury design offers functionally innovative ideas which are exclusive from an aesthetic point of view. The brand aims to develop its functional design with productive technology, and to offer high-quality products that can ensure maximum reliability over time.

In addition, commitment to sustainability and environment is inherent in Rimadesio's DNA. Taking the harmony between human and nature as one of its visions, Rimadesio adopts recyclable environment-friendly materials, precisely controls the use of plastics, and utilizes renewable energy sources.

The art of "light and space" marks a major achievement of Rimadesio. The brand's extreme interpretations of metal and glass enable light to be given full play in space, and to help divide and connect different areas and functions.

Most of Rimadesio's products are made of fine-textured materials like glass, leather and metal. As the exquisite textures and craftsmanship of those products cannot be fully shown by natural light, it is vital to apply indoor lighting. As conceiving the brand's showroom in Ningbo, OUTIN. DESIGN arranged hidden linear lighting around the products displayed, to highlight the showpieces.

As for the spatial structures, the design team applied simple and restrained expressions to create a dark-toned space to give way to the products. Without any redundant blocks or decorations, OUTIN. DESIGN purposely constructed an appropriate, calming spatial realm, to freely convey the true character and image of the brand.

Throughout the design process, a major challenge was how to create an environment fitting into the brand's character in a small space. The balance of elements in the space, as well as the proportions, arrangement and conceptual interpretation of products, needed to be controlled accurately.

"Rimadesio excels at combining architectural creativity with refined proportions, which gives its products life and infinite possibilities." OUTIN. DESIGN explained.

As designing the showroom for the top furniture systems provider, OUTIN. DESIGN took full account into the positioning of this brand space. To create a space full of living scenes or a unique realm in line with the brand's character were both feasible choices. However, faced with various ever-changing factors nowadays, it is more vital to create a memorable space to highlight the brand itself and help it stand out in the market.

The design team abstractly interpreted the brand's genes rather than presenting them in concrete forms. In this showroom space, Rimadesio's products are displayed in a connected way. For example, doors and "doors" interpenetrate each other, cabinets are intersected with wall veneers, doors and various "spaces" are connected, and the walk-in closet is integrated with the "entertaining living room".

"Wall veneers, blocks, objects and openings are elaborately arranged, showing the diversity in the architectural space."

The connections in the space give rise to superposed images from multiple dimensions, and present various aspects of the products, even those unshown. In this way, the connection between the showpieces and the space extends to a broader realm without being limited by certain fixed forms. The design enhanced the compatibility between products and the space through conceptualization, thus allowing for infinite combinations and creating a sense of spirituality in the space that echoes the brand.

"We tried to combine products in multiple ways in this limited space, to embody infinite display possibilities."

The meaningful connection among objects generates a sense of spirituality, and the crossover of different dimensions produces multiple possibilities. The connections in this showroom stimulate perceptions beyond the physical space, and upgrade the spatial realm in a calming atmosphere.

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