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Return to Innocence by Touch Design

Wabi is full of appreciation and cherishment of primitive simplicity. It is not minimalism or emptiness, but a unique sense of indifferent years. In the most unpretentious realm, it has won the beauty that transcends time. Being in a space full of wabi-sabiness will make people calm down for no reason, with inward consciousness, to appreciate the beauty of the quiet space and discover the beauty of oneself.


Designer: Touch Design

Photographer: Shengsu Architectural Photography

This project is located in the prosperous city of Beijing. The designer takes the aesthetics of wabi-sabi as the starting point, and uses the oriental philosophy of static braking, empty space for fullness, and disability as beauty, to remove the lavish and gorgeous shell of the city and space, and let the space return to humanity. Inner resonance.


The space movement design is like the director's grasp of the movie's timeline, focusing on visual capacity and reasonable layout. From the moment of entering the space, the designer has made extremely detailed arrangements according to the different functional spaces of the living movement and housework movement.

When opening the home, the entire space is left with a large area of wabi-sabi beauty, which carries a pure and unforgettable artistic conception. The left and right sides are the casual dining rooms for guests, and the more private sleeping space, cloakroom and Buddhist hall are entered forward. The free interspersed and intimate connection of each body, the movement is clear and reasonable, to a large extent, expounds a simple and easy life attitude of the dweller, and releases the dweller's soul and thoughts.

Make full use of the aisle space, carefully set up lighting and display, and residents can always enjoy different and pleasant scenery. The smoky blue angel decorations collide with the style of primitive utensils, reflecting the condensed and elegant connotation. Together with the simple and clean pure wooden shelf, the artistic conception of multiple constructions gives people a three-dimensional and unconventional visual experience.

The cloakroom has a large and wide wall cabinet, and the texture of natural materials is clearly displayed, giving the space a feeling of comfort and freedom. Planting naturally-growing small trees indoors creates a bright contrast between the space and creates a wonderful visual feast in the airtight reinforced concrete urban jungle, which inspires people to imagine and think, and frees the soulless Thought shackles.


Advocating nature and pursuing simple artistic conception are the biggest characteristics of living room creation. The designer appropriately used "microcement" materials and low-saturation colors. At the same time, the objects in the space are not modified, returning to their original appearance, while retaining the natural incompleteness, presenting a sense of age and roughness. The entire space Brings a soft and relaxing sense of security.

In the most unpretentious space, accommodating sofas of light colors and natural materials, highlighting the natural, quiet, and Zen oriental aesthetics. Rustic texture utensils, finely polished coffee table, unique texture carpet, each item can emit intriguing temperature, under the rendering of low color temperature light, the indoor atmosphere presents a sense of quiet harmony and haziness.

The balcony is cleverly designed with floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing unlimited lighting while making the slender flower branches more fresh and elegant. The walls and floor are mainly in neutral tones, with original ecological texture or texture. The matte surface is used instead of all the glossy surfaces, and the rustic Instead of luxury, it presents the texture of wabi-sabi.


Art comes from life, and life is nourished by art. The overall tone of the restaurant is calm and restrained, using a low-saturated overall atmosphere to create a clear, gentle and dreamy environment. The blooming flowers and the furniture of different shapes meet dramatically, colliding with different sparks, giving the space more agility while creating Create a warm artistic atmosphere.

A wooden table, a set of wicker chairs, a few arrogant flowers, outline the desolation of the years, without too much exaggeration, complicated decoration and design, only in the simple nature preserved by the house itself. The sense of beauty, the meticulous and extraordinary spatial temperament, demonstrates a refined and elegant spatial art form.

Dining table, bookshelf, flowers, ornaments...The delicate material collocation creates a rich visual sense. Through reasonable planning, the designer enables the gourmet space to carry the residents' individual interests and methods, and promotes mutual emotional connection and communication. Here, the life of Fengyue, Tea, Wine and Qin Painting unfolds in full swing.


There will be no bright and jumping colors, no complicated line decoration, light gray color runs through the bedroom space, the designer pays attention to the essence of people and life, and feels inner peace. The artistic colorful colors and patterns of the wooden cabinets, the pale walls and the simple and soft bedding, lightly touch a clear and bright mood in the calm space.

The space has a delicate balance between delicacy and fullness. The low-saturation colors make people relax instantly, the gentle natural light is introduced, and the artistic hanging paintings bring the breath of nature to the sleeping and living space. The entire space is illuminated by light and sunlight, and the colors seem to be blooming, adding countless gentleness to the interior, bringing a soft and relaxing sense of security.

The bathroom uses natural collocation to create a simple and authentic atmosphere, while subtracting the space and giving the building a proper breathing space, it is also ingeniously shaped with meticulous details. From the shape of the furniture, the flow of space and color, and the placement of green plants, the designer is engraved with a confident and generous leisurely style, creating a simple beauty of wabi-sabi.

The designer has a "heart of wabi-sabi" in his heart, and shapes the space with the oriental aesthetics of wabi-sabi, full of respect for time and nature, and an appreciation for things that fade away from prosperity, strip away the appearance, and reveal the essence. Nature is back to the original, primitive and Zen. This case emphasizes the inner space and the dweller, allowing time to restore the essence of life, presenting a harmonious and natural spiritual hometown that seeks a sense of belonging.


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