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Chicko was born after a group of friends got together to pursue their shared dream of bringing Portuguese cuisine to Brazil. The Dom Duarte restaurant, located in Leira – Portugal, established in 1984, was the inspiration for this group of friends, who decided to bring the most delicious roasted chicken to Brazil – more specifically, to the city of Campinas, in São Paulo. It has a different, modern feel to it, with fresh food and handmade processes. That is how Chicko was born, a fast-casual restaurant conceived to celebrate the union of people special moments and, of course, unforgettable flavors.

Designed by Superlimão

Photographed by Maíra Acayaba

The first restaurant was built on an old house in the Cambuí district, in the heart of town. Drawing inspiration from Portuguese tradition was paramount to conceive the Superlimão project, featuring tiles with laces and embroidery through a modern vision. The facade already features a massive volume overlapping the existing structure, catching the eyes of anyone passing by. This slightly transparent element is a collage of large hand-embroidered screens, reminiscent of Portuguese tiles and embroideries i