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Renovation of Hangzhou Old Chemical Fiber Factory by LYCS Architecture

Located in Blue Peacock Block, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, the renovation project’s planning, architecture, landscape, interior and soft decoration are both designed by LYCS Architecture.

Designed by LYCS Architecture

It contains two parts, the office and the city park. Gongshu district, located at the southernmost of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, is a traditional industrial zone of Hangzhou, with industrial enterprises such as Hangzhou steel factory, Hangzhou pot, Blue Peacock chemical fabric factory, etc. Blue Peacock Chemical Fibre Factory was one of the largest fiber enterprises in China at that time. Its products were exported to twelve countries and regions in Eurasia. In the 1990s, Gongshu District transitioned from industrial to urban life function. High-energy and high-emission enterprises in the region had been shut down and transferred one after another, and the original site of the Blue Peacock Chemical Fiber Factory had gradually been abandoned. Until 2018, Hangzhou Industrial Development Group joined hands with LYCS Architecture to launch the renovation project, which ushered in an opportunity to resurreate the old factory.

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