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Plant solution and experience in the pedestrian scale marks the new mixed use building in Pinheiros

São Paulo, 2023 - Located at Alves Guimaraes Street, one of the main roads of the west zone of São Paulo,NurbanPinheirosis the first one of 7 projects developed by Ilha Arquitetura to the developer Vita Urbana. The mixed use building, which unites the directions of the new Director Plan that increments the relationship with its surroundings and with its users, has architecture and interior of common areas signed by Ilha. Implanted in a challenging land because of its proportions (13m of width and 50m of depth), the building was executed in structural masonry, and its volumetry gained dynamics by colorful metallic elements applied to its facade. In the residential section, from 3o to 12o floorings, the structures act as gardeners and enframe the sashes of the studios and common areas. In the commercial floorings, the two sets of 130m2 each, have metallic breezes which make up the color and textures game, besides ensuring thermal comfort and lightning to the internal areas.


Designer: Ilha Arquitetura

Photographer: Manuel Sá

The building presents and active facade - occupied by a store - and has independent access to each one of its programs, definition that ensures privacy and security to the residential area.

The impact in the city scenario also happens by an urban kindness, constant point of attention at Ilha's Arquitetura projects. InNurbanPinheiros, a mural by visual artist Apolo Torres brings life to the facade, bringing the art closer to the pedestrian scale.

The residential sector is formed by 96 studios of 24m2 and 7 two-bedroom apartments. The reduced metric of the units rendered even more relevance to the found solutions by the architecture to provide thermal comfort and natural lightning. One of the ways found was the choice of wide sashes, of 1,40m x 1,40m, allied to low sills, which allows for the more generous incidence of sunlight and ventilation.

AnotherNurbanPinherios highlight is its interior, more precisely in the hallways which gives access to the apartments. In this area, the lightning and ventilation happen through the concrete cobogos. In the walls, we opted for using the same colors as the facade. The natural light here falls over the walls giving a surprising effect to the hallway.

The apartment block is equipped with bicycle rack, gym, laundry room and coworking space, integrated in the ground floor. On the outside area, on the other hand, there's an aromatic garden, crossfit area and pet place. Other common areas occupy the higher floorings: party room in the 3o, rooftop with barbecue grill and solarium on the 13o, providing a city view in the leisure moments.

These spaces were projected in an integrated way, using the same space with several functions. They are spaces which provide well being and life quality to the residents.


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