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Plan to Drink by Bureau ARCHPOINT – Valery Lizunov

The Plan to Drink bar on Pyatnitskaya Street with craft beer and a large selection of liqueurs, infusing right in front of visitors in transparent glass bottles, was designed as an ideal place for young people. After a busy day here a guest can try one of a dozen kinds of craft beer or warm up with one of almost 50 types of multi-colored liqueurs. The bar organically fit into the bar cluster on Pyatnitskaya, which Valery Lizunov began to create with restaurateur Sergey Gasparov in 2015.

Photographed by Olga Melekestseva

The bar is attractive thanks to its inspirational atmosphere: here a guest can find functional and inventive interior solutions. For example, the wooden racks under the ceiling with bottles of liqueurs of all colours. Minimalistic shelves, divided by metal brackets into squares, accommodate dozens of glass bottles, saving space.

Wood is the main accent material used in the bar, it creates coziness and adds warmth to the interior. The walls and concrete floors are neutral and minimalistic. Apart from the shelves, the ceiling, several custom-made tables, a large bench along the wall, and chairs are made of wood. Despite the simplicity of the forms, each piece of furniture has its own peculiarities: round grooves on the bar stools, an unusual bevelled shape of the chairs at round tables. When creating furniture architects were inspired by the Japanese style, minimalistic and austere, but functional and thought-out. Most likely, something like this can be seen on a Tokyo street – one just needs to look behind a neon sign. By the way, there is enough neon in Plan to Drink as well: the sign with the name of the bar, a couple of neon quotes on the walls and illuminated bottles of acidic shades of blue, green, orange and yellow.

Another creative element of the interior is a designer bar counter made of Corian – an artificial stone in grassy colour. Behind the bartender on the wall there are bottles with multi-coloured liqueurs, any of which can appear in a glass at the request of a guest. Each bottle is illuminated, and this light along with the neon lighting from the sign-board and quotes, is reflected in the mirrored surface of the stone bar counter. There is also another accent at the bar – the bright red craft beer tap.

In the seating area in addition to wooden tables there are several stone onesб also made of Corian, but in gray with multi-coloured splashes. On the long wooden bench along the wall there are red soft pillows lying for comfort.

The assortment of drinks at the bar is worth attention. The drinks are infused with different fruits and vegetables – coconut, beet, cranberries, sea buckthorn, orange, cherry, and to add humour – on toys, banknotes and boxing gloves.

Plan to Drink is the place where you go for a new taste experience and aesthetic pleasure. Entering the bar, a guest should definitely get a closer look at the details: run his or her hand along the smooth bar counter, feel the warmth and light roughness of wooden furniture, notice how bright reflections play in mirrored surfaces, and take a photo in the light of the neon signs.


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