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A penthouse designed for a single young man, with a healthy lifestyle and practitioner of extreme sports and yoga, has an interior project signed by Macro Arquitetos, by partners Carlos Duarte and Juliana Nogueira.


Client: Alexandre Haigaz Dertkigil

Designer: Macro Architects

Photographer: Cris Farhat

The client came from an apartment with 130 m² and the main challenge was to align the needs for the new reduced footage of approximately 70 m². The desire was for a new, more compact house, following the minimalist line, without giving up a cozy atmosphere and open areas.

The upper floor of the penthouse is the social environment of the house and has a living room integrated with a large balcony that has a panoramic view of the Pinheiros neighborhood, which provides good lighting and natural ventilation to the space. As it is a living area with a hammock, intended for the practice of yoga and meditation, few pieces of furniture were placed in order to maintain freer spaces.

Downstairs, the kitchen is integrated to provide spaciousness. As the resident has the habit of drinking natural coconut water daily, the office chose to add a superior structure to the kitchen countertop in perforated steel sheet metalwork, to store the coconuts, making it practical for everyday life, in addition to ensuring the customer's personality to the look.

As it is a compact apartment, taking advantage of the space under the stairs was essential. In a functional and versatile way, the architects created a bespoke joinery, which generated more compartments and collaborated with the organization of the apartment, a solution that also brought color to the project. The hallway gives access to the small service area, which is supported by the stair cupboards.

The old balcony was transformed into a home office area, which incorporated with the kitchen, became wider and brighter. The demolition wood bench was an existing part of the customer that was reused in the new apartment.

Behind the wooden panel is the penthouse master suite. Access is via a pivoting door, which is hidden in the panel and on its side there are some black metallic channels, which allow the support of frames freely, without the need to drill holes. The old toilet gave space to the closet.

The lighting was provided by rails with direct lighting spots and indirect lighting points, such as the LED strips that were installed in the profile of the island's sawmill. On the terrace, floor lamps were placed, creating some beams of light.


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