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Peach restaurant by Bureau ARCHPOINT

The Peach restaurant on the territory of the Moscow Silk business district from the founder of Crocus Group, Emin Agalarov, is a new location with a holiday atmosphere. The Archpoint bureau turned the space into a combination of sparkling honey shades, marble, brass, neon, and conceptual installations.


Designer: Bureau ARCHPOINT

Photographer: Sergey Gorbunov

The establishment attracts already from the street: glowing arched windows are visible from the embankment of the Moskva River, and through them – fanсy lamps on the ceiling, resembling large lollipops and referring to the process of glass blowing.

More awaits the guests at the entrance. The restaurant is the first part a guest enters. The thing that stands out is the variety of materials used for the design. There is marble on the floor and in the decoration of the bar counter, designer parquet flooring, brass on tables and walls, snow-white tablecloths and expensive crystal glasses. Refined materials emphasize the premium quality of the restaurant in the fine-dining segment, and the overall elegant style of the interior corresponds to the gastronomic possibilities of the institution and predicts a delicious lunch or dinner.

The details create a festive atmosphere. Upon entering the main hall, the gaze falls on the white lamps on the ceiling, similar to napkins in their form. They resemble the napkins that are placed on plates before an exquisite dinner. or there may be other interpretations – in France there is a tradition of waving napkins or handkerchiefs during a wedding, or thus marking the beginning of a large feast, and on American cruises, waving white napkins means gratitude to the team for a delicious dinner.

The movement is captured not only in the napkin lamps, but also in the installation in the corner of the hall in the form of curtains made of real brass, as if blown by gusts of wind. The golden shades of brass continue in elongated cylindrical lamps, the decoration of walls at the bar and small tables. The large open kitchen along the wall is decorated with light beige wood panels. Against the wall is a massive wooden table for six as if carved out of a solid trunk, surrounded by futuristic-shaped plastic white chairs from Driade company. The general colour scheme resembles champagne spilled in the air and invites you to join a party.

From the restaurant through heavy leather curtains the guest moves to the lobby leading to the banquet hall. Here there is a designer illuminated steel reception counter, marble ottomans and soft dark armchairs. The floor is decorated with the terrazzo tiles with a small square pattern.

The same festive atmosphere continues in the banquet hall. Uncharacteristic of a classic banquet hall, there is a bar with a marble front and a large illuminated backdrop, on which there are bottles of expensive alcohol. Semicircular transparent lamps descend from the ceiling and add rhythm to the room. The colour palette is built around warm honey tones: a brass column, the light reflecting in a beige marble bar, trendy chocolate sofas and brown leather curtains. For an event, wooden tables of a simple square shape can be easily combined into one.


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