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Patch-City by ROOI Design and Research

After the Pavilion S project, ROOI Design and Research designed a temporary building composed of recyclable modules. These modules are like "toy blocks", allow for free and flexible combination, and it can be recycled into furniture after use.


Client: ifanr, ICON Real Estate

Designer: ROOI Design and Research

Photographer: SFAP

Patch-City Pavilion

The project is located in Guangzhou Tianhebei District. A former primary school was once situated here. The school moved away many years ago as a result of the urban modernization, and the disappearing of the traditional market place cultures in nearby communities. In order to reactivate local communities in Tianhebei District at the same time combine historical context and urban trend culture. Digital trend brand ifanr combined their online and physical platforms to carry out diversified urban culture carnival activities. In November 2021, under the new season’s theme "ifland", ifanr commissioned ROOI Design and Research Firm to launch the Patch-City project and establish a central Pavilion which advocates the idea of continuous “Patching”. This pavilion will hold various arts and cultural activities such street market, music festivals, talk shows and product launch etc.

Patch-City Pavilion is a project of cultural renaissance for old buildings. The client wants to transform it into a cultural site, centering around an adaptable physical space. It can be a temporary venue for local residents to carry out diverse activities and be used as a platform for diverse cultural exchange.

By means of moderate intervention with no damage to the original environment, ROOI introduces new elements to integrate old ones, and create a new space like an enclosed yard. People can chat and enjoy natural scenes in the yard where some cultural activities can be carried out.