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PANDA NANA: Jinan Truly Malaysia’s Home

As the American Architect Peter Eisenman once said, “In the information society, the changes in architecture are that buildings no longer have to be like a certain kind of architecture as before.” With the development of online shopping, logistics and transportation, how can offline retail spaces cope with the competition with the Internet virtual space and increase the order rate become an unavoidable problem that commercial space owners and designers have to face.

Designed by PANDA NANA

Photographed by Liu Xinghao from INSPACE Photography

Consumption has entered the 3.0 era, and consumer’s demand for the product itself is changing from single to compound. At the same time, offline retail spaces are also changing. The focus of past design was more on the completion of product display, while retail spaces nowadays are more designed around the theme of scene stories, integrated design, and the content of themed commercial products to show the uniqueness of the commercial spaces.