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Paco Lago Interioriza | 404 Not Found

404 Not Found is a space designed for visual and emotional impact, marked by a unique night experience. Paco Lago Interioriza, assumes this transgressive project with the challenge of completely revolutionize the image of a disco, which in its original state is far from the concept that our team creates.


The use of elements that generate a game

with the senses and provoke a very specific

target: the Generation Z, are fundamental

aspects since the construction of the brand,

thought from the recognition of the message of

404 and Error/Not Found.

In the heart of Malaga, located in the Plaza

de San Francisco, the space seeks to break from

its entrance with the historic surrounding. The

curtains of cold slats in electric blue, insinuate

what you find inside, and are the perfect omen

with which the personality of this nightclub

begins to show.

404 Not Found is finished developing in its

material essence with a physical space designed by and for social networks where mirrors and

different reflex elements confuse the perception,

generating a sense of amplitude and loss of

borders in a place of reduced dimensions, without

breaking with the acoustic comfort secured with


From its concept, with the aesthetic/moral

play of what is supposed to be a night space,

including elements such as murals and videos with social messages; all of them from the bold look at the idea of 404 Not Found, with latent errors in our society that include war, religion and politics.

This breakthrough night atmosphere is also

supported by outstanding graffiti with neon paint

by the Malaga visual artist, Le Petit Kaiser, and

which are the perfect conjugation to complete a

playful experience from all corners.

The error found in 404 Not Found is the

definition of an experience that goes beyond the

design of a nightclub, it is the open door to a space full of provocations for a digitalized society and in search of inimitable experiences.

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