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Open concept and urban style for an apartment in São Paulo, signed by Hoearquitetura

With project signed by Hoearquitetura, led by the architect Cecilia Hoe, this apartment in Edifício Anchieta, an iconic building of the 1950s listed by CONPRESP as an architectural heritage of São Paulo, located at the junction of two important avenues of the city - Paulista and Consolação - aimed to create home for a couple passionate about traveling, gathering friends, cooking and games.


Designer: Hoearquitetura

Photographer: Manuel Sá

In order to translate their desires, way of life and aesthetic tastes to the project, the office went through a process of dialogue, research and study of new solutions.

As a result, it chose to create two large spaces: the living area, which integrates four originally compartmentalized areas (living room, kitchen, service area and one of the bedrooms), transforming it into a unique and fluid space for cooking, living, bar and games activities. The private area integrated two bedrooms and part of the original bathroom, housing the bedroom, closet and the spa bathroom. The original bathroom, which was split to house part of the spa, was remodeled as a social bathroom. The service bathroom became the service area.

To reflect the urban and industrial style of the project, the office chose to expose the original concrete structure and some of the solid clay brick walls, as well as the electricalinstallation and lighting fixtures. The furniture combines metalwork and woodworking, which enhances the industrial style feel. For the lighting design,the office explored different possibilities of indirect and direct lighting, using LED profiles and spots.

The design of the “games” bookcase combines metalwork profiles, colored glass boxes, MDF lacquered boards, wood and LED lighting to create a playful atmosphere for the clients, who are passionate about games. In addition to the equipment for the games, it houses memorabilia, a terrarium, part of the bar and a work station.

The kitchen, designed with precision to house all of the clients' culinary equipment and utensils, has as its focal point the island with suspended shelves from ceiling. The other element that draws the eyes attention is the dining table, a board made of reclaimed wood floating on a metal beam.

The elevated bar was made to meet the couple's desire to have a view of Av. Paulistawhile seated,and to provide a special environment to receive friends for drinks. The polycarbonate panel with built-in RGB LED lighting completes the party mood.

The S-shaped sofa, designed and custom-made for the place, integrates the living, games and bar areas. It is composed of modules that can be rearranged according to the occasion.

The bedroom, visually integrated with the closet and the bathroom, aimed to be a space of coziness and retreat. For this purpose, the office designed a Japanese bed, wooden panels, mirrors, indirect lighting and an open closet. The spa bathroom features an immersion bathtub with chromotherapy light and a shower tower with jets system.

In this project, the office had to come up with solutions that were new and different from most traditional ones in interior design. Each element and furniture had to be designed to meet the lifestyle and taste of the residents, rendering the project a lot of personality.


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