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NOOM presented the extension of the Gropius Chairs collection

Ukrainian furniture brand NOOM has presented a new set of bar chairs as a part of its Bauhaus collection of furniture. Gropius chairs were named after the founder of the Bauhaus school, Walter Gropius.

Designed by NOOM

NOOM has announced the launch of the bar chairs as an extension of the Gropius chairs collection. NOOM’s selection of chairs is now available in three sizes to sit comfortably both at the table and a bar counter.

The chairs’ ergonomic seat and backrest, along with the long-lasting stainless steel footrest, provide a comfortable experience for NOOM customers. New wooden legs became the recognizable addition to the new series of bar chairs.

NOOM originally designed the Gropius chair as a part of its latest Bauhaus furniture collection. Dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus School, NOOM launched its furniture as a tribute to the great thinkers who formed the modernist principles and brought them to life.

Following the Bauhaus’ baseline principles in order to create simple and effective designs, Gropius chair’s construction involves simple geometry. Cylindrical legs and backrest and the round seat in combination create the chair’s recognizable

and ergonomic shape.

“Bauhaus ideas of functionalism and conciseness, the combination of craft and art, and a composition of simple geometric shapes were born ahead of its time, now being more relevant than ever,” stated NOOM co-founder Kateryna Sokolova.


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