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Multidimensional lines create a new experience in fitness space—Up Fitness & Day 1 Pilates

The project is located in Wanda Comprehensive Commercial District, Xinyang, Henan. As Wanda Group's first commercial exploration in southern Henan, the overall business format of the commercial district is relatively young and innovative. When WDS DESIGN received the project, it has been thinking about the balance between fitness and space. After repeated discussions, the designer decided to use the “line” as the entry point to combine and extend the “natural” lines of the human body and the “artificial” lines of the space and reconstruct the functional requirements of the space through the combination and arrangement of straight lines and curves. To create a new experience of fitness space with a combination of multi-dimensional lines.


Photographed by Nie Xiaocong

The whole venue is divided into two venues because of the partition of the venue corridor. Among them, the larger venue on the east side is the Comprehensive Physical Fitness Hall, and the west side is the professional Pilates Practice Hall.

Because the main functions of the two venues are different, there will be differences in the design requirements for the space. The Comprehensive Physical Fitness Hall tends to build an active and positive power. The Pilates Practice Hall requires people to be in a state of concentration, relax their bodies from the surrounding noisy business districts, and concentrate on the positive power practice of Pilates.

As a complete project, in order to maintain the coordination and unity of the appearance of the two venues, the designer transformed the triangular elements extracted from the brand logo in different scales. Through this change of the two obtuse angles as a set of points, the shape of the door heads of the two venues produces a ripple-like curve, as if the soft curve of the human body, the two relatively independent venues are linked simply and effectively with its brand identity.

The Comprehensive Physical Fitness Hall adopts gray and yellow as the main color, using medium gray cement fiberboard as the main wall material, with primary color brushed stainless steel, yellow acrylic and glass, so that everyone who comes to the venue can feel the positive and dynamic emotion.

The curved shape device suspended from the ceiling of the Comprehensive Fitness Hall connects the three pillars in the venue, corresponds to the position of the core training area in the entire space, and as the visual protagonist, the importance of core strength training in physical training is emphasized.

The front desk used the form of high and low tables combining white stone and yellow acrylic, and the tin foil details on the background wall fragmented the large wall.

The yellow acrylic and primary stainless steel of the bar counter in the lounge area are used as the table frame, and the countertop is made of yellow tinted glass.

The retro light bulb shaped word "FIGHT" on the wall of gray cement fiberboard of the fighting area is very eye-catching.

The specially designed light strips and logo advertising characters on the mirror wall enhance the recognition of the space and magnify the volume of the space through reflection.

At the beginning of the design of the Pilates Practice Hall, the intervention of various colored elements was abandoned. colors are used to arouse emotions. Pilates, as a sport that requires the participants to be extremely focused, the first thing that should be done is to make the entire space environment in a "peaceful as water" state to help participants focus more quickly on the exercise.

The shape of the peg board in the front desk area can be used for display while storing equipment.

The front desk adopts the method of fusion of white stone, wood veneer, and cement fiberboard. The white metal ring hanging on the ceiling part symbolizes the positive and inclusive Pilates training.

The central corridor partition glass with a white gradient film attached to the surface effectively divides the public area and the practice classroom, while also helping the practitioners to focus more on the Pilates training.

A foldable partition sliding door is installed between the two training classrooms with wooden floors, which can meet the needs of different training venues.

Because of the peculiarities of Pilates training, people often face the ceiling, so the traditional lighting arrangement will obviously cause discomfort like dazzling and glare. The designer specially adjusted the lighting here. All the lighting in the training room uses "reflected light", that is, direct light such as downlights and spotlights is not used for illumination. While satisfying the illuminance, it also improves the comfort during training.


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