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More & More restaurant by ARCHPOINT Bureau

The More & More restaurant situated in the center of Kazan is a new conceptual project from the international holding Bulldozer Group and its founder Alexander Orlov with an emphasis on high-quality wine and seafood. Creating the interior, the architects of the Archpoint bureau were inspired by fish restaurants at the Italian coast, where relaxation for the eye and soul is combined with an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Designed by ARCHPOINT Bureau

Photographed by Olga Melekestseva

Alexey Ryabov, the restaurant chef, is the previous head of the restaurant “Erwin.Река” and used to collaborate with the Rappoport Restaurants chain. He approached the creation of the menu seriously and added more than 15 sections with fish and seafood. The main features of the restaurant are an open raw bar and a glacier with fresh fish and seafood. There is also an oven and a smoker here.

The specialization of the restaurant is reflected not only in the menu, but also in the interior. The architects managed to highlight that combining the fish and sea delicacies theme with the monochrome minimalist scandinavian design. Minimalism is embodied by natural materials, clear lines and simple forms. Marine theme – by paintings and collages, the large aquarium with fish and seafood in the center of the hall and four improvised columns of mussels, reminiscent of a farm on the seashore where these marine animals are usually raised. The entrance to the VIP area – the large glass sliding three-leaved doors – is decorated with a full-width print of a saw-fish.

There is an emphasis on naturalness in the decoration: wood, concrete and stone are dominating. The floor is made from oak parquet with accents in the form of black and white tiles, there are oak panels on the walls, the ceiling is painted in a neutral gray color. The monochrome composition is complemented with minimalistic furniture, most of which is made-to-order – wooden tables, large wine cabinets and plant tubs. The tables are surrounded by light beige chairs by the Polish brand Paged, known for its high-quality, functional and stylish furniture.

Special attention should be paid to the bar area, divided into a wine bar made of wood and a bar for hard liquor with the facade of artificial ice cubes with background lighting. The open kitchen, where you can see how your octopus is being prepared, is decorated with greenish tinted glass supporting the marine theme.

The lighting does not distract attention: mostly there are spot lamps set on brass tubes on the ceiling and custom-made chandeliers that almost merge with the interior.

The VIP area behind the glass doors meets the requirements of special guests: custom-made large table for banquets or negotiations, soft light gray chairs and an unusual wave-shaped lamp over the table. In a small tub near the wall there is a tree with a large crown and a strong knobby trunk, which casts a shadow on a perfectly white tablecloth and monochrome dishes. The walls are partially covered with wooden panels and partially assembled from wooden sticks, carved by craftsmen, adding additional volume and dynamics to the interior.

The bathroom of the restaurant is decorated as a work of art: the sink is made in the form of a large transparent cube assembled from glass bricks like an ice counter for fish and seafood. Some of the architects' ideas have not yet been implemented due to the tight construction deadlines. They planned to add a prototype of a jellyfish printed on the 3D printer to the bathroom and to create an installation from one of the wine refrigerators – to convert it into an aquarium and put sturgeons there.

The architects of the Archpoint bureau would not be themselves if they did not fill the interior with eye-catching details that leave an aftertaste of an expensive and slightly elite interior. The neutral design imbued with the marine theme creates a feeling of diving into the depth from which you do not want to climb at all. In the face of More & More the capital of Tatarstan acquired another high-quality gastronomic location, which can become a permanent point of attraction for local gourmets and a worthy tourist object.


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