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Metamorphosis - YUE City by Atelier DYML

YUE City is located next to Xiwan Road in the northern edge of Liwan District in Guangzhou, China, about 27km from the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and 2km from the Guangzhou Railway Station. After going through a demanding 600 days of transformation effort, it was unveiled to public in September 26th 2020 as the largest shopping mall in the western district and the second largest in overall Guangzhou city, turning a new page in urban revival.

Designed by Atelier DYML

Photographed by Jianquan Wu / Mingzhi He 

Existing Conditions

Back in the 80's, the site was once a cement production plant which was an iconic landmark of the developing communities. In 2006, in accordance with the government's vigorous plan to upgrade the business service industries, the plant was demolished to make way for the Fortune World International Footwear Wholesale Plaza. The existing building was four identical square blocks, 100m long by 90m wide, 5 levels above ground and 2 levels below, a total of 280,000 sqm of building area organized by cruciform shaped promenades. Meanwhile, the facade was composed of identical square boxes all around which was quite easy to lose direction in such symmetry and lack of hierarchy.

The huge traffic on Liwan Road and confused pedestrian walkways, coupled with the lack of urban pockets has made the travelling experience less desirable. The old image of the lackluster and disorganized cement production plant sticks in the mind of the community.