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Masquespacio designs Piada’s second shop in Lyon, France

After the success of the first Piada opening in Lyon, France, now Masquespacio has designed the second piadina shop in the center of the city.


Client: Piada

Designer: Masquespacio

Photographer: Gregory Abbate

Brands and suppliers: Sandrine Brenans / RP Renovation / Diseño Masquespacio / Producción Local

Following the aesthetics from the first Piada opened in 2018 the new space seeks to respect the initial design characteristics, but at the same time be an evolution of it. This way, we can recognize in the new Piada the mix of the ancient Italian bar look through the use of gold, arches and columns, next to a touch of ‘green’ that wants to showcase the healthy food concept. The pastel color tones from its side offer a young and vivid touch to the space, while the contrasts of wood and velvets make the interior a little bit warmer.

On the walls from the other side a more ‘natural’ stucco finish has been used, while a custom-made furniture collection has been designed to create a new icon for the French brand’s identity.

With this second project for Piada, Masquespacio continues tu expand its portfolio of projects in France. Actually, they are also working on two new projects in Paris; 1 interior design project for a healthy food concept and a new collection of furniture, decoration and accessories that will see the light in the Spring of 2023.

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