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Masquespacio designs a world full of surreal dreams for Mango Teen

Masquespacio presents the latest project it designed for the first Mango Teen store in Barcelona.


Client: Mango Teen

Designer: Masquespacio

Photographer: Luis Beltran

The project starts with the aim proposed by Mango to develop the space identity for its new Mango Teen shops in collaboration with its internal team. Previously, Mango’s team already had developed a series of pop-ups to test several parameters for its new design. Amongst them, the use of color was highlighted as one of the most relevant from their temporary stores. On the other side in the briefing, it was specified that the store needed to have a high experiential and interactive attraction.

Analyzing Mango Teen’s customers of girls and boys between 11 and 13 years old, the design searched for a connection point with their lifestyle.

Ana Hernández: “The best thing of being a teen is that you are living the whole time in a world full of dreams, a world full of things to be discovered. It’s an age where you start to dream big, without taking in mind the limits. Above in your dreams strange things are happening that are out of the box… things that are not real.…”

Thus, hereby the new Mango Teen store is established as a world of dreams with its different perspectives and different incoherent elements just like when we are dreaming. Although in this place, the dreams are made reality through the design elements that play with your mind and invite the user to interact with the objects that surround them, bringing the metaverse world to reality.

Immediately at the entrance of the first Mango Teen store we encounter a backlit tunnel that dislodges the visitor.

Ana Hernández: “The entrance tunnel makes us go back to that surreal dream we had, taking us to a future in which conventional elements from the past are being considered futuristic for the new generations.”

A swimming pool, a hotel reception and a washing machine are others of the incoherent elements that invite the teens to enter a universe in which a new use is given to the objects, giving them the opportunity to let their imagination flow and use the space how they dream about it.

Concerning the development of the different exposition elements like the shelves and racks, in every sense the design wanted to challenge and contrast usual forms used for them, creating a game of straight and organic lines that aspires to be gender neutral.

Continuing with the concept to convert the conventional in something surreal, 2 typologies of finishes have been used for the color application. From one side the conventional matt finish and on the other side a reflecting color, creating an unusual combination that connects with the futuristic digital world with a fluor touch.

To be highlighted also is that each part of the dream develops a specific function for the space; The swimming pool thus is used as an exhibition element, while the hotel reception will be the place to pay and pick up your shopping goods; next to it the washing machine will help you to recycle your old clothes.

Last, but not least, the fitting rooms incorporate a metaverse world, with an optical effect that distorts reality, giving an answer to one of the most requested shop features by the teens and at the same time making clear that the new Mango Teen store is designed to make them live an unforgettable shopping, full of experiences adapted to their lifestyle.


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