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Mas Creations collection by Masquespacio | 3 CHARACTERS COLLECTION

The collection 3 Characters is a collection of chairs and lights inspired by a meeting between 3 friends. The serie includes a lounge chair called Say Hi, another chair named Trencadis and the Dumbbell lamp. With the scenario of a meeting between 3 friends we inspired by the fact that like it happens to us, opposites attract and create the perfect whole in the new world in which a group with all similar characters isn’t working any more, making it more interesting to create groups with persons that are completely the opposite of each other and thus could learn from each other.


Photographer: Luis Beltran

Hereby, Say Hi has a cheerful personality. It’s that persona that always greets everybody, always positive and very popular without doing any effort for it.

Trencadis on the other hand is a person with its own character that had to overcome much more obstacles in live than any other person to achieve a certain wellbeing and thus, has a remarkable life experience.

Dumbbell from its side is a person a bit silly in the good sense. It’s the jackass of the group that likes to be silly and so always makes the meeting a bit more fun. It’s the perfect person for a party.

These three characters were converted in 3 pieces of furniture and lighting.

To represent her joyful character, Say Hi shows us a lounge chair in big format that recreates a greeting arm and the face of a person that at the same time could be seen as a smiling face. To show its warm personality the piece made in 3D has been upholstered with a cheerful color.

The Trencadis chair from its side reinterprets the classical technique invented by Gaudí using small broken pieces of ceramics that recreate a unity between them. It’s the ideal interpretation to characterize a persona with a lot of life experience, composed by united small pieces that are showing the obstacles he had to overcome in live and make who he is today.

The Dumbbell lamp on the other hand clearly shows a bit of instability, representing a naughty personality with a muscular posture. The contrast between the structure’s fabric and the glass from the light balls, is a reference to its personality that is balancing between fragile and warm, with a shell that makes it seem a strong person.

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