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Mas Creations collection by Masquespacio | 3 CHARACTERS COLLECTION

The collection 3 Characters is a collection of chairs and lights inspired by a meeting between 3 friends. The serie includes a lounge chair called Say Hi, another chair named Trencadis and the Dumbbell lamp. With the scenario of a meeting between 3 friends we inspired by the fact that like it happens to us, opposites attract and create the perfect whole in the new world in which a group with all similar characters isn’t working any more, making it more interesting to create groups with persons that are completely the opposite of each other and thus could learn from each other.


Designer: Mas Creations collection by Masquespacio

Photographer: Luis Beltran

Hereby, Say Hi has a cheerful personality. It’s that persona that always greets everybody, always positive and very popular without doing any effort for it.