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Mansion Feast – Dine like Chinese royalty in a renovated traditional Beijing courtyard residence

Beijing-based interior design practice LDH Design has completed Mansion Feast – a 1,230-square-meter restaurant that specializes in Chinese aristocratic cuisine.


Designer: Liu Daohua / LDH Design

Photographer: As you see - Wang Ting

Tucked away near a temple in Beijing’s old town, in a hutong in Dongcheng District, the restaurant is set within a renovated, thirty-year-old, traditional, Beijing style, quadrangular, courtyard compound residence known as a siheyuan. Formerly a cultural venue called the Jinyang Hanlin Academy, the compound was transformed into an elegant dining destination that evokes the ceremonial splendor of Chinese imperial residences.

The establishment’s private, indoor dining rooms are available for private gatherings, while its central courtyard is open to the public for afternoon tea and dinner. If a guest books the entire Mansion, they can use the courtyards for musical performances, cocktail parties, exhibitions, press conferences or other events.

As is typical of siheyuans, the compound has three conjoined courtyards surrounded by a series of chambers with traditional, grey, pitch-tiled roofs. These chambers are connected by a corridor running through the middle of the compound.