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Madison Club by Bureau ARCHPOINT

Madison is a new restaurant-club on Leningradsky Prospekt which attracts guests with its bright and stylish facade. The task of the architects of the ARCHPOINT bureau was to create a restaurant with a bright theatrical atmosphere. The best choice for this task was Art Deco or “Gatsby style” reminiscent of the wild 1920s in the United States, a period of loud luxurious parties. Many guests compared the restaurant to the atmosphere of the "glamorous 2000s", when everybody tried to add more splendor to the interior.

Designed by Bureau ARCHPOINT

Photographed by Olga Melekestseva

“Gatsby style” is reflected in every detail. On the facade there is a luminous gold sign, a light window with a gilded metal mesh with a recognizable Art Deco pattern, a black lacquered marquee with two illuminated golden panthers sitting on top of it. There is also a balcony serving as a summer terrace with an entry from inside the restaurant.

Large black lacquered front doors with brass details open into a hall with a glossy black and white marble mosaic on the floor. On the walls there is textured wallpaper and three-dimensional plaster panels, paintings and large mirrors in gilded frames with lighting. The Gatsby theme is supported by ceilings with oval caissons, a column decorated with lighted metal tubes, and three large black-and-gold lamps. There is a recognizable Art Deco geometry in everything – vertical lines and ornaments of strict forms.

From the elevators a visitor enters a large atmospheric lobby on the second floor, from which you can access the club and the restaurant. There is also an open kitchen here, decorated with metallic panels. The composition of glass tubes of different lengths on the dropped ceiling together with the contrast black and white floor creates a luxury theatrical atmosphere. This feeling is enhanced by the deep green color of the walls, complemented by the emerald velvet of the sofa and curtains. A large mirror in a lighted frame complements the decor.

The bar in the restaurant is another Gatsby-style accent. Its shape resembles the elongated deck of a ship, on the bow of which sits the figure of a golden panther. The front part of the bar made of golden fluted metal sheet is surrounded by a white marble countertop. The brass glass holder mirrors the shape of the bar.

Other features of eclectic Art Deco in the restaurant are dark-tinted oak floors, wood panels on the walls, and brass pipes of various lengths on the ceiling. The absence of bright light creates an atmosphere of privacy – metal tubes on the ceiling keep part of the light from the lamps and don’t let it in the room. The rest of the lighting is created by small tubular brass lamps above the tables. Dominant dark rich colors give the room some intimacy, do not attract much attention and allow the eye to move from one detail of the interior to another in search of accents. The points of attraction are a glass glowing wine fridge and printed on a 3D printer golden wave-shaped lamp above a long table. All the tables in the restaurant made of wood or marble are custom-made. The tables are accompanied by burgundy leather and blue velvet chairs.

From the restaurant we get in the bathroom with a custom-made white marble countertop of geometric shape with installed sinks. Above it there are illuminated mirrors and large glass lamps.

The next part of the building is the club designed for parties. Huge chandeliers decorated with ostrich feathers and glass beads are first to strike a visitor and create a festive mood. The chandeliers are equipped with windlass for acrobatic performances. The ceiling in the center of the hall is made of metal flexuous panels. The stage with a beautiful illuminated staircase is the center of the composition: the seating area is faced to it, and guests can enjoy the performances without being distracted from food and drinks. If necessary the stage is closed with heavy velvet curtains.

The wood and marble tables in the club are surrounded by chairs in shades of mustard, green and blue. The seating zone is decorated with white made-to-order lampshades made of ostrich feathers. The bar in the club deserves special attention: a multi-level linearly illuminated geometric ceiling, large luminous wall–mounted lights made of cast glass, a marble bar counter with a brass metal facade and leather details.

The elements of Art Deco style accompany the guest further into the bathroom of the club: green marble tiles on the floor echo the colour of the ceiling, the walls are painted in dark colours. Large mirrors in massive gilded frames complete the picture.

For VIP guests there are separate rooms on the mezzanine floor above the bar with a view of the stage. Here everything is exclusive: fluted plaster panels with a geometric pattern on the walls, soft sofas in velour upholstery and custom-made tables with a black and white print. There is no ceiling light, only local illumination on the walls.

The architects of the bureau managed to create a place where a person can relax and have fun. The premium stylish interior is comfortable and thought out. The place definitely deserves to take a special place among Moscow's best restaurants.


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