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Lino Bistro by ARCHPOINT Bureau

LINO is a small cozy bistro where details of classic Italian interior are combined with modern design. Its creators from the ARCHPOINT bureau had an idea in mind to present the interior of an Italian restaurant that would become a place of attraction within Moscow’s Golden Mile. They envisaged a place you want to enter not just for the sake of the tick on the list of new ‘must-visits’. Rather, you will have a quick cup of coffee in the morning, return for a lunch offering house specialties or stay until the evening sipping a glass of wine.


Designer: ARCHPOINT Bureau

Photographer: Olga Melekestseva

Its small space was the reason for opening the cooking area. Guests can observe how orders are being prepared, have a quick word with the chef and, if they wish, even stand next to the chef and roll out the dough on the marble countertop.

The interior is designed in soothing colors, with the use of wood, marble, leather, brass, glass and concrete. Its colorful details are associated with Italy: the beams are painted in the same color scheme as the ceilings of Italian palazzos, the terrazzo technique is applied to the decorative floor, while painted wooden Pinocchios sit on the bar shelves between the bottles.

There is a large wooden table next to the entrance that looks like an inheritance gift that had belonged an Italian grandmother. This bespoke piece of furniture is surrounded by refurbished vintage chairs and contributes to the atmosphere of the bistro. The table is set with beautiful cookware boasting Italian patterns, and some fresh fruit appears on the plates every day.

The architects filled the interior with eye-catching details so that the guests would not be bored sitting in the small space. One can mention bespoke brass lamps hanging from the beams on leather straps, plaster casts of wool jumpers and a fireplace installation on the walls. Another source of pride is the bathroom that looks like a lacquered wooden box. It is separated from the hall by a heavy leather curtain. The restroom features shelves with bathcare products and vintage Italian newspapers.

The light-filled bistro with two glass walls undergoes a change towards the evening. Its wood and marble tables are covered with tablecloths. The floodlight is dimmed, and lamps are turned on above each table. The atmosphere becomes intimate and festive at the same time, with the shining glasses and porcelain adding to the overall impression. A wine cabinet with showcases is built into the wall so that both guests in the hall and passers-by on the street can see its bottles and glasses. You can form an idea about what to expect inside even without knowing anything about LINO BISTRO. Once you visit, you are sure to become a regular customer. Moreover, the bistro is expected to change its appearance depending on the season. In the summer, the windows will disappear, and new tables will surround its territory on the street. This is a bistro of a kind that could be spotted in Florence but is also not out of place on Ostozhenka.


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