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LINGXING Headquarters Office by Onexn Architects

LINGXING is an emerging internet company that dedicates itself to creating value for the cross-border e-commerce industry through SaaS ERP software system. In the new era, workspace is no longer simply a place where people gather for work. It is also a carrier of new modern lifestyle and a window that conveys corporate values and culture. As conceiving the headquarters office for this new company emerged in the Internet era, the design team responded to its revolution and demands with systematic design thinking, and gave new interpretations to workspace under such context.

Designed by Onexn Architects

Photographed by Zhang Chao / Luo Canhui

Geometric prototypes based on the logic of algorithms

Before schematic design, the design team had deep communication with the client about the positioning and functional planning of the project, and fully understood the company's core values — "Creation, Empowerment, Efficiency, Cutting Edge, and In-Depth Exploration of Users' Needs". The company's internet products and services are based on an efficient, clear and simple program design that relies on accurate and rigorous algorithms, which are in essence the construction of logic relations in mathematics.