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LDH Architectural Design丨Poetry Wine (Solana)

Poetry Wine (Pinyin translation: Shijiu), the name of this restaurant, means picking up the taste of the old days. When we think about the old taste, we may recall the taste of home where we spent our childhood, with chimney, leaky roof, sunlight, leaves, silhouette…


Designer: LDH Architectural Design

Sitting in a quiet area of the bustling Solana, Poetry Wine offers Beijing dishes with a modern twist, hides the taste of old Beijing in the delicacies made by the cooks, picking up all the forgotten curiosity, and awakening all rusty senses.

This time, designer Liu Daohua reconstructed the building once again, deconstructed it with the technique of architect Kerry Hill, and finally build our new Poetry Wine on the lakeside of Solana.

From the perspective of eastern aesthetics, people tend to seek harmony without uniformity in design. The external façade of Poetry Wine is spread with bare concrete, which is restrained and indifferent. With the use of light, the shape and texture of the building can be seen at a glance, exuding the advanced aura of pioneer design without leaving a trace.

Red is chosen as the main color for the windows of the external façade, releasing warmth in the night light, and recalling our memories of childhood home.

Light and darkness, virtuality and realness, changing like breath. Viewing from different dining areas, or dining at different times, the scenery and circumstances are all different.

The entire restaurant is filled with rich, traditi