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La Cosmo by Paco Lago Interioriza

A gastro workshop. Cookwares as tools, and memories of a long career in the kitchen on their walls , with signatures and books of people who have accompanied Dani Carnero, brand and driving force behind La Cosmo.


Client: La Cosmo

The space-client relationship, plus the gastronomy, is playful. Through a game of letters, which expresses the attributes of the business face-to-face and on social media, we achieve a point of attention and communication that is later completed with the local experience itself.

For the kitchen, a color palette with influences from the classic Le Creuset pans, lighting typical of a mechanical workshop, and a set of mirrors that hide the storage of stuff from the view of the client, with whom he lives through an omakase bar .

In the rest of the space, metal panels and automotive workshop elements lacquered in the corporate color palette maintain the concept resolved so that, regardless of the sitting, any client can experience the same idea of space.


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