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Kolchuga by ARCHPOINT Bureau – Valery Lizunov, Maxim Vinokurov, Olga Nosova

The latest location of the famous Kolchuga weapons salon with a wide assortment of high-quality and rare weapons is opening in the shopping complex BARVIKHA Luxury Village. The architects of the Archpoint bureau, responsible for the interior, designed the store with accentuated attention to details, so characteristic for them, creating a functional, minimalistic and carefully thought-out space.

Designed by ARCHPOINT Bureau

Photographed by Olga Melekestseva

Weapons are a serious and dangerous product, so the architects decorating a salon have to take into account special requirements for such spaces: there must be closed expositions for weapons with a possibility of convenient overview, tables for assembling and disassembling models, and lighting that favorably emphasizes the advantages of the product.

For the salon the architects of the bureau chose modern loft style with masculine character and a calm color scheme. The space is divided into several functional zones: the main retail area with a department for selling clothes and shoes for hunting and tourism, the VIP zone for special clients and the meeting room. The main shopping area is made of monolithic concrete, the doors and grids here are made of welded metal. Materials for wall decoration meet environmental requirements, sanitary, technical and fire safety standards.