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Kateryna Sokolova | Wallstreet by Casala

Wallstreet is an elegant, minimalistic modular space divider designed for roomy offices, waiting areas, exhibitions and fairs halls, and any other spaces where you would need to divide one large room into several smaller ones. It allows you to adjust space to your needs and to designate personal borders.


Designer: Sokolova Design

It is a rare case when function and aesthetics are combined equally in one product. Despite the laconic shape and pure lines, Wallstreet makes the interior accent and sets its mood.

– I have always been a big fan of the modernism art movement. I admire how artists at the beginning of the XX century could convey emotions through bold shapes and colors. It is my constant source of inspiration for my design works. Wallstreet space dividers are not an exception. I aimed to turn their laconic shapes into a kind of art installation. I believe they can enrich the interior not only in a functional way but also emotionally.

– shares designer Kateryna Sokolova.

Units are available in several heights and widths. Wallstreet exists of linear setups. They also can be connected to each other. L-, T- and X-shaped configuration is easily generated. The end panels have arched shape corners and are fitted with a steel wall support.

Besides the partition units as themselves, Wallstreet can be extended with a wardrobe rail. Besides hanging, hooks are available for the partition panels. Cross configurations can be fitted with wall shelves.

The rounded shapes of the collection resemble the form of the Capsule collection, which also was created by Kateryna Sokolova for Casala. Both collections also have the common topic of design solutions on how to separate a person from outer space. It is still an actual task, speaking of the next waves of Corona, Monkeypox, and who knows what else is coming.


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