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Karaoke Divas by Bureau ARCHPOINT

Karaoke on the territory of the Moscow Silk business district from the founder of Crocus Group, Emin Agalarov, is a new location with a holiday atmosphere. The interior of the karaoke was meant by architects to surprise the Moscow audience.


Client: Karaoke Divas

Photographer: Sergey Gorbunov

Into a totally new concept guests enter the realm of retro-futurism from a movie of the 1950s. The hall is dark, the chandeliers throw light on the rounded soft shapes of sofas and armchairs. The walls, shimmering with neon, are reflected in the designer carpet with a geometric pattern. The softness of the interior envelops the guest so that he or she wants to sit on the soft plush of sofas, drown feet in the carpet and surrender to the effects of flashes of light. Furniture resembling the one from the past is combined with futuristic geometry of chandeliers, neon lighting and lettering – the real “back to the future”.

The karaoke bar is decorated in the style of cinematic art deco. The interior is suitable for a martini with an olive in a triangular glass on a thin stem at the bar counter so that a person can feel like a hero of an old American movie. Here, the darkness is dispersed by the light from the LED strips located along the ceiling, the edges of the mirrors and tables.

Archpoint architects created a place where only high-class events can happen, be it a gastronomic dinner at a table with a snow-white tablecloth, a cocktail at a bar or a recollection of best karaoke songs. The interior of the restaurant and karaoke corresponds to the premium level, but the objects of art, in which different semantic levels can be found, makes it more approachable.


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